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High-Performance as Standard

We believe that unlimited High Performance Computing (HPC) has the potential to unlock unprecedented opportunities for business, research and development, and ultimately societal progress. It’s our mission to build and develop a computing infrastructure that meets these needs today and in the future.

Aroosh Thillainathan. Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Northern Data Group

What we do

Northern Data Group is here for those that strive to think differently. For businesses and individuals who know where they’re going and how they’re going to get there. The progressive, the adventurous, the revolutionaries. We don’t fear the future. We’re already shaping it. We call it ‘Innovation Bravery’.

Today, we’re active in three complimentary industries where we benefit from operational synergies between our business divisions across cloud services, HPC infrastructure and cryptocurrency mining.

We believe in societal progress, and in the capacity of High-Performance Computing to enable it. For us, innovation bravery means putting resources behind the technologies and use cases we believe in. And using the latest hardware, engineering solutions and software to optimize the way those resources are leveraged.

Our high-performance compute power is energy efficient and benefits from waste management and renewable energy systems. That means we deliver the best possible outcomes for our partners and investors, while minimizing our impact on the planet.

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Powering the Future of AI

We believe that Generative AI will empower organisations to realise their, previously unachievable, innovation goals, at a global scale. Taiga Cloud is Europe’s largest Generative AI Cloud Service Provider.

Renewable Energy

We choose data center locations with access to renewable energy sources wherever possible. Taiga Cloud uses 100% hydroelectric energy, while our Peak Mining operations use 70% carbon-free energy.

Grid Stabilization 

We work with energy providers and governments to deliver grid stability. We use less energy during peak times through demand response and direct consumption addresses the issue of energy storage. 


We eliminate waste wherever possible. For example, the excess heat produced in our data centers is reused to warm the homes of local communities.

Innovation through Technology

Powered by innovative liquid cooling technology and leveraging the industry’s latest chips, our data center environments are purpose-built to power the next generation of high-performance computing. We provide data-intensive organizations with optimized performance, efficiency and availability in the most sustainable way.