Leading HPC-Solutions

Cost-Efficient HPC Solutions
Tailored to Specific Needs

We develop extremely cost-efficient high-performance computing solutions tailored to their different applications. When setting up data centers and operating and maintaining hardware, we rely on proprietary software and hardware tools and thereby keep both time-to-market as well as power use efficiency (PUE) to an absolute minimum. We integrate issues of climate-neutral, cost-efficient energy management into our concepts right from the very start. Our operating costs are best in class.

Proprietary AI

Go Online Quickly with AI

We install, operate and monitor computing-intensive applications like Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, Gaming and many more. With our proprietary AI solutions, we are also able to control, manage and operate hundreds of thousands of computers simultaneously. We set up high-performance computing hardware 15-20 times faster than our competitors. Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence automatically performs the steps needed to bring the hardware online.

Variety of solutions

Stationary or Mobile Data Centers

We operate modern, stationary data centers as well as mobile high-tech data centers that can be put into operation at any location worldwide in a modulary scalable way. Northern Data’s innovative software concepts allow applications and workload to be moved between data center sections or entire data centers. If higher capacity is required, additional servers will automatically start up. If one system goes down, others take over. This is how we re-invent the data center.
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