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How High-Performance Computing powers the future of Generative AI

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The future’s greatest opportunities will be driven by giant technological leaps. In the limited time since they hit the market, Large Language Models (LLMs) have already had a seismic impact in just about every sector. High-Performance Computing (HPC) is the foundation for Generative AI and other pioneering technologies, which will deliver accelerated results to the way that we live. To fully realize the benefits, we must build the underlying infrastructure required to take advantage of it, do so responsibly and ensure those with the best ideas have access, all while consciously safeguarding our environment through our commitment to sustainability.


Powering the future

GenAI applications will transform almost every industry and is already driving meaningful change.

AI systems are powerful tools in combating climate change; AI models will help us more effectively track and decipher climate data, streamlining our future projections of what the climate will look like. In medicine, HPC and AI are transforming drug discovery and accelerating pharmaceutical research. In manufacturing and architecture, digital twinning technology will change how we design the world around us, making for more efficient and effective manufacturing and building processes.

Through HPC, AI offers an infinite number of innovative, exciting ideas like these, helping solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.


Reducing barriers to innovation

Recognizing the transformative potential of HPC, Northern Data Group are dedicated to ensuring that advancements in this technology do not widen the digital divide but, rather, bridge it. Limiting access to technology creates a significant barrier preventing talented innovators from creating AI-driven solutions, which was the driving force behind creating our AI Accelerator.

By ensuring that tools and resources are more widely accessible, we are propelling global innovation at pace, while providing an example of responsible stewardship through our sustainable approach. As Europe’s largest and cleanest GenAI cloud service provider, all our GPUs are powered using 100% carbon free energy, and our data centers, whether owned or third-party, are highly efficient due to their configuration, making us a true sustainable AI leader.


Join us in shaping the future

At Northern Data Group, we are leading the way in building, developing, and housing these High-Performance Computing solutions. Our HPC offering brings a new way of looking at cloud infrastructure; instead of utilizing traditional central processing units and supercomputers, it favors clusters of extremely powerful nodes, all working together in parallel to supercharge the technologies of tomorrow. Through this, we are powering the companies that will play a vital role in the AI revolution and helping bring their best ideas to life.

We are committed to democratizing access to this revolutionary technology, bringing together global expertise from across our network and empowering them to help us fully realize the AI future. This is why we have launched our AI Accelerator.

If you share our vision of an AI-powered future, please find out more.

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