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Meet Henrike

Find out what makes the role of our Senior Investor Relations Specialist at Northern Data Group so special.




Henrike Christin Müller talks about ESG, self-development and finding your own field of expertise.
Investor Relations

Henrike, we can say that you are one of the icons of growth in our company. Starting as a working student, you developed steadily and became a main pillar of our Investor Relations Department, where you are having a major impact on the company, your colleagues and our shareholders. How would you describe and define your development story? And what do your daily tasks look like?

"About two years ago, I started as a working student in the Investor Relations Department and soon became a full-time employee. Today, I am employed as a Senior IR specialist. In this span of two years, I have gained important experience as well as expert knowledge, and social skills. My daily tasks are rather diverse. On the one hand, I manage traditional IR-related tasks such as the communication with investors, including the preparation of presentation material, managing the Investor Relations website, and taking care of the organization of the Annual General Meeting and the Annual Report. On the other hand, I also spend a fair amount of time on ESG matters, which is actually becoming my personal subject of expertise."

What does Northern Data Group do to promote ESG?

"ESG is the abbreviation for Environmental, Social & Governance and is an approach to improve the sustainability of a company. If we look at how ESG can be defined, it becomes clear, that we are not only looking at environmental matters, such as the carbon footprint of a company, but also topics such as cyber security, data privacy, risk management, human rights, and several others. This implies, that every department of the Northern Data Group, including all its entities, is involved in ESG matters. Thus, to come back to your question, the answer is as follows: We work on ensuring that ESG is implemented in all our group-wide processes. This entails tracking the ESG data, so that we know where we stand with regard to ESG. Furthermore, we not only track the data to report it, but also use the information collected to create new strategies on how to constantly improve our ESG performance. We officially started our ESG reporting in 2021 – so our Annual Reports not only report financial data but display our ESG results as well. This is one major achievement for the Northern Data Group."

“At Northern Data Group, there is always a place for growth and personal or career-driven development.”

You told us that you are doing quite diverse tasks at the company. What does Northern Data Group do to make sure that you can learn and establish your field of expertise or interest? What kind of trainings or individual development programs does the company offer?

"Last year, I actually took an advanced training program to achieve the title of Certified Investor Relations Officer. The training is a tailor-made study program for the profession of Investor Relations. Northern Data fully supported me here with regard to my absences every second month, and also financially, for which I am very thankful as the program will definitely further my career.”


Please tell me what inspires you about working at Northern Data.

"What I love about working at Northern Data Group and what also inspires me is that everyone here is passionate about what they are doing and ready to explore new ways to reach the company’s goals. I am a person that has plenty of ideas, and I am happy to work with people that share the same mindset. Moreover, my colleagues are not just likeable in the sense that we work well together but I have also met people that I now even consider as friends. So, if you're passionate about what you do and have the ambition to make an impact, Northern Data Group might be the place for you.”