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Aroosh Thillainathan

Group Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board

Aroosh has been at the helm of Northern Data Group as its Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Management Board since 2020. With a remarkable entrepreneurial journey, Aroosh's leadership has been instrumental in shaping the company's path to success. 

Before taking the reins at Northern Data Group, Aroosh demonstrated his entrepreneurial prowess by founding and guiding several successful ventures. In 2013, he embarked on a journey into High-Performance Computing, igniting a passion that would lead to groundbreaking innovations in the industry. This culminated in the founding of the Whinstone Group in 2014, a testament to Aroosh's ability to spot emerging market trends and understand customers' evolving needs. 

As well as being a visionary leader; Aroosh is also recognized for his acute sense of upcoming market developments, his deep understanding of market demands, and his exceptional ability to anticipate customer needs. Under his guidance, Northern Data Group continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of High-Performance Computing.