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AI pioneers wanted. Do you have what we’re looking for?



The AI Accelerator is an exciting initiative from Northern Data Group to help democratize access to AI technology for the world’s most innovative startups and advance AI innovation.

We’re already working with groundbreaking AI leaders such as Nua Software, computer vision technology specialists who enable cashierless checkout and automated inventory management; and Xayn, who have built a revolutionary AI legal copilot for easy and fully compliant document review.

Now we’re looking for the next generation of innovative startups to participate in our AI Accelerator. By putting our High-Performance Compute power in your hands, this visionary initiative is designed to power the next generation of Innovation Bravery.

We will be providing complimentary access to our sought-after NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and full technical support from our engineering team. Thanks to our industry-leading commitment to sustainability and strong ESG credentials, all the High-Performance Compute power offered to startups will use 100% renewable energy.

As well as access to our cutting-edge technology, startups selected for the AI Accelerator will get a chance to learn from top industry leaders. We have brought together experts from our own leadership team and from our network of exceptional industry partners, including NVIDIA, HPE, Super Micro, Guggenheim Partners and Deloitte to support the AI Accelerator. We feel strongly that there is an opportunity to convene the best minds in the industry, who share our vision for the future, to offer an in-depth program of mentoring and coaching. Chosen startups will receive support on everything from developing successful proofs-of-concept, scaling up their ideas, presenting to potential investors, making ESG ambitions a reality and much more. It is a truly unique accelerator, and a fantastic opportunity to accelerate the testing and scaling of some of the world’s most innovative AI-driven ideas.

AI has the potential to revolutionize every sector and bring untold benefits to humanity, from drug discovery and self-driving vehicles to powering technology to combat climate change. This powerful tool is a cornerstone of revolutionary advancements that promise to reshape our future, and we believe that providing access and opportunity, as well as championing sustainable practices for startups is vital.

So, if you are an innovative AI startup with a great idea, whether that’s digital twinning or next-level fraud prevention, our AI Accelerator could be just what you need to take it to the next level. We’re excited to get started!

If this is what you’ve been looking for, check out our FAQs and eligibility quiz, and apply today.

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