“Why you need Bitcoin“

Most people still don’t know a great deal about Bitcoin and its advantages, although there are many good reasons in its favour. Here are the five key arguments why it makes sense to get into Bitcoin, and even if you are only going for single Dollar.

In his contribution entitled “Bitcoin: Why you need it“ Clem Chambers from Forbes Magazine cites his key arguments in favour of Bitcoin. As it is incalculable as to what heights the price of Bitcoin could develop, prices in the six-digit range are also possible. Therefore, he regards Bitcoin as “a lottery ticket with a 1,000% chance of winning.“ In addition, Bitcoin offers the possibility of diversifying one’s own portfolio, and this is an additional aspect, because Bitcoin develops anticyclically to stocks, and is therefore a good hedge. What is more, the blockchain has also not unfolded its full potential. And winding up, he points out an obvious strength: Bitcoin is quite simply a very useful means of payment. His conclusion: Bitcoin will remain the key protagonist in the ascending blockchain industry, and everyone will have to more or less come to terms with it, just like everyone starting getting used to Amazon around the year 2002.


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