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Worldwide Applications for
High-Performance Computing

High performance computing involves thousands of advanced processors working in parallel to process billions of pieces of data in real-time, offering multiple times the performance of a normal computer. With special hardware technologies and complex software, the key technology thus ensures digital transformation, fueled by massive megatrends like Internet of things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, new mobile phone standards, gaming and many others. HPC has been one of the fastest growing IT markets in the last 15 years.

the highest cost efficiency

Decisive Advantages over
Standard Data Centers

The exploitation of low-cost energy sources and the construction modern data centers tailored to these sources offer the highest cost efficiency. Northern Data’s infrastructure solutions also offer additional decisive advantages over standard data centers: faster to set up and operate, short planning times and high flexibility. We operate hardware both, large data centers at fixed locations and modular high-tech data centers which can be placed anywhere in the world. We combine our data centers with smart concepts for energy provision, whereby climate neutrality and sustainability take top priority.

One of the world's largest GPU-based distributed computing clusters

Computing power to reach 404 petaflops in the final expansion stage

Operating out of locations in Scandinavia and Canada we are building one of the world’s largest GPU-based distributed computing clusters powering HPC applications. This cluster focuses on areas such as artificial intelligence, deep learning and rendering. These applications are not based on Asics chips as used in Bitcoin mining, but on graphics processing units (GPUs) and central processing units (CPUs). 

Hefty computing power in Texas

HPC for corporate customers

At our data center in Texas, we are operating HPC applications in the Blockchain field such as Bitcoin mining for major international corporations.

Modular High-Tech Data Centers

Setting a New Standard
for the Industry

Our modular high-tech data centers, in combination with proven German engineering, are setting a new standard for the industry. These can be used for Bitcoin mining and other HPC applications. We pack these mobile data centers with an extremely high density of installed hardware in the smallest possible space. Each of these mobile high-tech data centers also features an ingenious cooling system designed for water and air cooling.

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Unused Capacity

Best Position to Use Energy Sources

Worldwide, there is a wealth of potential sustainable power sources available, but these cannot be fully exploited. The reason for this unused capacity is that many energy sources (e.g. waterfalls, windmills, geysers) are not located close enough to where the electricity is actually needed. With our mobile high-tech data centers, we are technically in the best position to use such energy sources profitably.

installing, operating and maintaining hpc hardware in a large scale

Fastest Set Up of High-Performance Computing Hardware

We can set up high-performance computing hardware 15-20 times faster than competitors thanks to proprietary AI, which automatically performs the steps needed to bring the hardware online.

AI solutions

Operating Hundreds of Thousands
of Computers Simultaneously

With our proprietary AI solutions, we are also able to control, manage and operate hundreds of thousands of computers simultaneously – Thus meeting the needs of our bluechip customers, drivers of the digital transformation, who require this large scale HPC computing power.

innovative system

German Engineering

We’ve developed proprietary software and hardware tools for installing, operating and maintaining hardware, through which we minimize the hardware’s susceptibility to faults and significantly increase time and cost efficiency.

new market of high-performance computing

Rapidly Growing Market

The relatively new market of high-performance computing is growing quickly at a rate of over seven percent a year. A volume of roughly 50 billion dollars is already forecast for 2025, while the market transacted 35.8 billion dollars in 2019 alone. This is where Northern Data wants to start and contribute to satisfying the enormous demand for HPC services, reflected in these figures.

High-Performance Computing

Driver Of Progress

Due to their high data volumes, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, video rendering, gaming, blockchain and many other modern technologies can only be run by high-performance computing, i.e. the bundled deployment of high-performance computers. As a result, high-performance computing is turning into a driver for scientific, industrial and social progress.