Accelerating opportunities.

At Northern Data, we believe that unlimited High Performance Computing (HPC) will unlock unprecedented opportunities for business, research and development and ultimately societal progress. Therefore, our mission is to built and develop a computing infrastructure for everyone.

More than ever, our world needs new ideas faster, more cost-efficiently and at global scale. And yes, like our team, you demand that sustainability is by design, not bolted on.

As a start-up based in Frankfurt am Main, we do not want to observe the revolution, but lead and shape it through our team of specialists. To this end, our expert engineers work every day on the next generation of cost-effective and efficient compute acceleration infrastructure.
We work with cutting-edge technologies and innovations along the value chain that we operate in: from redefined green data centers to the operation of the world’s largest GPU cluster for our international customers.

Genuine togetherness.
Diversity embodied.

An unwritten law applies to us: working together for a common goal. By empowering our colleagues to grow we ensure that our partners and customers benefit from of the best products and services. True innovation requires different people with a deep and varied knowledge base. Like opensource projects have proven that when many people approach a matter from different perspectives, the results improve. This is another reason why Northern Data stands for diversity and involvement. We are proud to currently employ people from 10 nations.

As an employer, it is our goal to find the exact role for each employee in which individual potential and talents can be optimally revealed and developed. As colleagues, it’s our duty to help you grow in that role.

Values that count.

This means we question the status quo and set new standards along the customer value chain. 

We are always looking for the best solution and never stop learning. 

There are no technocrats here. We share our knowledge to make our workplace a place of fun and expertise. Any form of discrimination has no place with us. 

We build beautiful new solutions that solve real customer challenges and are a pleasure to use.  

From the lowest PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) value to innovative cooling concepts and true green power. We stand for the carbon neutrality of HPC platforms and cloud infrastructure.  

Benefits that make the difference.

With us, you will think HPC infrastructure further

From new, sustainable building methods for data centers to cooling concepts to PaaS and SaaS layers for accelerated compute.  

Your approaches count

In official exchange formats or spontaneously at the coffee machine. At Northern Data, it's the best idea that counts - not the hierarchy. The Board demands your inputs! 

High performance at scale

As a Northern Data engineer, you will innovate on one of the largest GPU clusters in the world. 

Best-in-class partners

The best work with Northern Data. This means a knowledge and time advantage from which your career and our customers benefit equally. 

Green by heart

Sustainability is at the core of Northern Data. With us, you actively work on the carbon neutrality of datacenters world. Beginning with our infrastructure and continuing with our clients solutions. 

Home(Office) Facts

Work from our modern office in the heart of Frankfurt or Düsseldorf, or flexibly from home. Your hardware wishes will be met either way, and trust working hours apply everywhere.

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